December 3, 2016

Kevin Kane

Kevin is the Organizer Director at Citizen Action (B.A. Marquette University, M.S.A.E. Candidate, Marquette University). He started organizing because he sought a world where no one else would know the fear that comes from being told “it’s pre-existing” or “if only you had insurance…”. He continues to organize because he learned that anxiety exists in many different ways for people, and has only seen it conquered when people come together.

Kevin pioneered the development of new strategies which combine the reach of digital communication and the depth of relational organizing to create a sophisticated statewide network. Kevin joined Citizen Action in 2011 as the Healthcare Organizer, became Lead Organizer in 2013, and Organizing Director in 2015. In 2014, Kevin spearheaded the largest concurrent grassroots referendum campaign in Wisconsin history on Medicaid/BadgerCare in 20 cities/counties, which all passed with super-majority support. Prior to joining Citizen Action, he was a founding team member of the Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative which provides affordable health coverage to over 20,000 members. Kevin is currently pursuing a Masters in Applied Economics with a focus on health and urban public policy. Kevin grew up in Palatine, IL, and has lived his entire adult life in Milwaukee.