Protesters’ Defense Team: Campaign Spotlight Video

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Nneka's impact has been felt across the country. She has been a core team member for the WiLD Project since 2015 and was a trainer during the recent online WiLD Academy. For Nneka and her Houston Protesters' Defense Team, the Academy offered practices immediately put to use during Black Lives Matter protests in Houston, where they organized to get 796 cases against protesters dismissed!

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Western Wisconsin Votes: Campaign Spotlight Video

"We have done the math and if we can turn out 1,600 votes by having 2,000 conversations, then we can flip our county for progressive candidates." Diana Witcher, Casey Green, and Bill Hogseth joined our 8-week online organizing course to launch their new campaign, Western Wisconsin Votes. Utilizing the age-old art of deep conversation, the team is determined to support Dunn County voters in making a difference this November.

2021-06-14T15:02:32-05:00August 6th, 2020|Campaign Spotlights|

Nigerian Youth Employment: Campaign Spotlight Video

Joshua Alade and Adenike Bamigbade joined the WiLD Academy from across the world. Representing the Nigerian Youth SDGs Network, the team hoped to strengthen their campaign for Nigerian youth employment. The goal? To create 500,000 new jobs for young Nigerians. In a major milestone just this week, the youth-led team saw a massive outpouring of support for their work. Watch the video to learn more!

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Pierce County Grassroots Organizing: Campaign Spotlight Video

Meet Juliet Tomkins, one of 84 leaders who participated in our online WiLD Academy community organizing course and developed a real-life campaign ready to take off. Juliet and her Pierce County Grassroots Organizing team have launched the Voter Empowerment Project campaign with the following organizing statement: “We are organizing 100 residents to mobilize 1,000 infrequent voters and their 1,000 voting buddies in Pierce County who want nonpartisan district reform and will commit to voting by November 3rd for candidates who will be responsive and accountable to residents for long term prosperity for all.” No campaign is without its highs and [...]

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Protect the Willow: Campaign Spotlight Video

Yes, sometimes David does win! This inspiring organizing story features a self-acclaimed group of “political rookies” in northern Wisconsin. The Protect the Willow team came through the July 2018 WiLD workshop to figure out how they would, in short order, face Goliath—stopping a coordinated effort to expand sulfide mining. Congratulations to the team and the River Alliance of Wisconsin who provided ongoing coaching support in making happen.

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