Two years ago Sarah ElRaheb-Dagher, Marshall Ganz, Emily Lin, and Jake Waxman came together to see how we could adapt the class on Organizing that Marshall has taught for more than 20 years at Harvard. We drew on the learning from the hundreds (if not thousands) of workshops that we’ve developed and run in the field to see what a more “intensive” experience could bring to the Harvard classroom. Now in the 3rd iteration of this “innovation cycle”, this year’s MLD 377/378 included 80 participants from 37 countries.

On the first weekend of the course, these 80 individuals shared stories of self, built relationships, and based on those stories and relationships, decided with whom they wanted to build teams. They then launched those teams by articulating a shared purpose, including whom they would organize, norms, roles, and a team chant.

They then held one-on-ones with members of their constituents to inform the strategy work they did during the second weekend of the course.

Over these first 10 days of the course, individuals formed teams based on shared values (as opposed to “issue areas”) and formulated campaigns informed by one-on-ones with their constituents (mostly fellow students in graduate school).

This set them up to carry these campaigns out during the second portion of the course, on Campaign Leadership, which began last week (March 18th).