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Transformational Change Through Servant Leadership

“The servant-leader is servant first… It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first.” -Robert K. Greenleaf In the heart of our mission lies the transformative power of leadership, that everyone can be and is a leader. There are many types and styles of leadership, and within the Wild Project, we pay particular attention to servant leadership. A servant leader prioritizes the needs and well-being of others, emphasizing empathy, collaboration, and the empowerment of those they lead. Servant leaders serve their teams rather than expecting their teams to serve them. This approach to leadership [...]

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How to Combat Organizer Burnout

What is Burnout? Burnout is more than an abundance of stress; it is the act of being emotionally and physically drained from numerous experiences simultaneously. Psychologists define burnout as a “break between what people are and what they have to do.” With so many balls to juggle, feeling intense exhaustion can be expected. Yet, there are opportunities to combat this burnout, including in the world of community organizing. Be Aware of the Symptoms Remedying burnout starts with understanding how overexhaustion and stress can show up in your body. Here are a few symptoms to look out for: Exhaustion: Feeling [...]

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5 Ways to Keep Your Team Motivated

Motivation. What typically comes to mind? Is it getting the strength to lead a team, clean your kitchen, or write a blog post? Motivation can be hard to muster, but well worth it in the long run.  The science behind this comes from the extrinsic and intrinsic need to find a solution to a problem, creating a drive that pushes us to achieve that. We’ll dive into this more in a bit, but keep it in mind. This understanding will help you coach your team to success in both ways–and, most importantly, keep it sustained. Let's dive in! 1. [...]

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Self, Us, and Now: The Three Perspectives of a Public Narrative

We previously introduced the idea of public narrative and explained that it highlights three different facets of an organization: the story of us, the story of self, and the story of now. But what exactly differentiates those three different stories and how they are told? Let’s take a look at each of the three core components of a public narrative and examine how they operate. The Story of Self: Pinpointing Your Call to Leadership The story of self is perhaps the easiest to understand, even if you’re not convinced that your own story is of special interest. The truth is [...]

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The Who, What, and Why of Public Narrative

Creating a public narrative marks an essential step in the process of introducing your organization and cause to a wider audience. It is a means of making your values, goals, and strategy known, both to those within and not yet a part of your community. And yet, if you’ve never crafted a public narrative before, you may have many questions about how this important tool functions. In this post, we’ll introduce some of the basic facts and features of a strong public narrative. What Is a Public Narrative? In its simplest form, a public narrative bridges the gap between [...]

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Tips for Coaching Your Team to Success

As a leader, one of your most important jobs is coaching—that is, teaching those who work under you in the organization and improving their chances for success as they move forward. No matter how great you are at your work, coaching can be a major challenge. Performing a job yourself takes one set of strengths; teaching someone else how to perform well requires its own set of sometimes counterintuitive-seeming processes. While there’s no surefire method for making coaching easy, we’ve put together a few tips that will help you get started. 1. Invest your time and energy in your [...]

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The Heart, the Head, and the Hands: Three Coaching Methods to Improve Your Leadership

One of the most challenging but most important jobs of any leadership role is recognizing when an individual or even a whole team isn’t living up to their potential, and understanding the best way to step in and guide them. Sometimes members of your crew just need a push in the right direction and knowledge of your support; sometimes they need more hands-on training in the nitty-gritty details of their work process; and sometimes they need someone to help them step back, see the bigger picture, and create a plan of action. Different realities and different dynamics call for different [...]

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Five Leadership Methods to Successfully Organize Your Community

A successful organization has three essential components: people, power, and change. We regularly present the three in this specific order for a reason. Power and change are the goals that an organization strives for, but it all starts with people. Until you find your people, you cannot pinpoint specific goals nor the specific resources (i.e., types of power) necessary to achieve those goals. But if step one is to find your people, then the next step must be determining how to organize that constituency. Even disorganized, many people can identify key problems that exist in their community and are eager [...]

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4 Essential Steps for Mobilizing People to Action

Finding folks who will offer up verbal support for your organization’s causes can be a difficult enough task. But translating that support into effective action is an even greater level of struggle, one that is necessary to create meaningful, lasting change based around the principles of your cause. While there is no easy way to gain commitment from others, there are some steps you can take to help increase your chances of success. You can think of these as the four C’s of mobilizing commitment: connection, context, commitment, and catapult. Let’s take a look at each one: Connect: Making the [...]

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Change in the Air: Discovering Your Goals & the Power to Achieve Them

There are many reasons that people might organize together under a shared strategy, but those strategies all tend toward one broad goal: seeking specific, objective, and material change. As a leader, one of your most important jobs is identifying what those goals are as well as methods for achieving them. What Do You Want? Easily identifiable, tangible goals create an impetus for joining your organization. Before you can successfully get people invested, you’ll need to answer questions such as: What problems are your constituents looking to fix or improve upon? And what can be done to accomplish that? These questions [...]

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