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Youth Empowerment Project Report 2023 (Executive Summary)

After seven years and training over 2,000 people in the craft of community organizing, the Wild Project responded to the 2020 uprisings by creating an opportunity for emerging leaders to move from activism to sustained, relational community organizing. Its creation, the Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) is an organizing school for young people ages 14-30. During the pilot year, over 100 youths, recruited from universities and partner organizations, participated in YEP programming from July 2022 to June 2023.

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Join Us For The Road Ahead: 2024 Election

Reporting fresh off a coffee shop tour reconnecting with organizers exploring opportunities to dial-up our efforts, locally and nationally, on the road up to the 2024 election and beyond. Wanted to share both the challenges and opportunities that surfaced—while inviting you to join us for what’s ahead! Wondering if these challenges resonate? A loss of organizing culture amplified during the pandemic and ongoing disappointment of not being heard by our politicians *many we’ve elected! A frustrating pattern of playing defense stuck blocking the harmful bills coming through our legislature vs. having a vision of alignment and what we’re fighting [...]

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Reflections from Nneka Akubeze: Florida Organizing Workshops

Whew! What a time in Florida, y'all! I'm just getting back from an incredible organizing workshop with 46 young folks aged 16-22 who converged at the Hope CommUnity Center (HCC) from central and south Florida. And this was just the precursor! These inspiring young leaders learned organizing just that weekend with a plan to coach their peers the following weekend where nearly 220 people gathered to ignite a movement! As you walk into the HopeCommUnity Center, you see a beautiful mural which represents the history and community. Once you pass the front desk, you are greeted with at least [...]

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Reflections from Santa Rosa Organizing Training

Recently, I had an insightful conversation with a fellow organizer who said, “I think we need to re-establish a culture of organizing in our state”. Still recovering from the pandemic and so often stuck playing the game of coming up with a bunch of surface-level tactics to simply meet the metrics of our funders, with little to show for it in the building of organization. That resonate? These snapshots of where people are leading by example in the “doing of it” need to be shared in light of what feels like an absence of deeper organizing happening in Wisconsin [...]

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70 Youth Leaders Trained in Detroit

Wild Fam, We're still feeling the fire after returning from Detroit, MI where we held Wild’s first Youth Empowerment Project Winter Summit with 70 emerging leaders from 16 states centering organizing at the heart of it. Participants recruited in teams developed organizing campaigns back home impacting youth including: access to affordable housing, transportation and food security, workforce development, uniform policy, and criminal justice reform to name a few. We are now half-way through our pilot year-long journey of co-creating this transformative space for young leaders ages (14-30) who are planning to put it into practice through their local organizing [...]

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Job Opening: WiLD Academy Zoom Coordinator

Launched in 2016, the Wisconsin Leadership Development (WiLD) Project trains community organizers, both new and seasoned, to engage others around their own core values, structure effective leadership teams, and make strategic choices that lead to measurable, effective action for change. Our signature workshop utilizes five basic organizing leadership practices that draw upon a rich history of community organizing, social movements, and campaigns. This framework is taught at the Harvard Kennedy School by Dr. Marshall Ganz, a celebrated civil rights organizer, and has been adapted in cultures and contexts launching grassroots efforts around the world. While typically offered in person over [...]

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Academy 2021 Report

Fresh off the 2020 Presidential Election, and still in the thick of the pandemic, what would be the interest for community organizing in the new year? With in-person gatherings off the table, and the struggles for racial, economic, and environmental justice rising, the Wisconsin Leadership Development (WiLD) Project forged ahead in building a community of practice online.

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Academy 2020 Report

In March 2020, the WiLD Project adapted to the global pandemic by moving our signature organizing workshop online. Within a moment of great uncertainty, we saw an opportunity to come together and inspire leadership. As shown in this evaluation report, the results were promising.

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