I had the distinct honor of joining the Leading Change Network, in partnership with ActionAid International in leading a workshop, alongside two incredible Black woman trainers from Sweden and the UK and an incredible director of training and development at our host site MS TCDC, in Arusha, Tanzania.

Together, we trained 15 ActionAid Country Directors and support staff from 15 different countries, ranging from across the continent of Africa to Haiti, Spain, Nepal, Myanmar, and Palestine. The workshop was titled “Leading Self, Leading Others, and Leading Organization”, a unique blend of Public Narrative and foundational practices in building relationships and structure like Coaching, Intentional Relationship Building, and Building Intentional Structure. 

As a Black American woman who, like so many, has lost my direct ancestral line to the African continent, I can’t find the words to describe how meaningful this experience has been for me; I don’t know that there are words for how much this international workshop has impacted me. These country directors and staff care deeply about their people and the impacts of climate change on their lives. They are rallying together to work collectively to shift their humanitarian approach to an organizing framework, rooted in a feminist lens, as they take on climate change in the global south.

The only aspect of this training that compares to the passion and dedication of these country directors is the heart and soul and unmatched expertise of our training team. Not only did I walk away from this experience with the hope that across the world, change is on the horizon, I’ve also come away with three new sisters who share my commitment to sustaining this global movement for change by empowering others to organize through opportunities to learn and develop their skills.

Kortni Malone, Wild Trainer and Curriculum Development