This week’s organizer spotlight features Cassidy Conley, a youth organizer from Detroit, Michigan (and participant in the 2023 YEP Winter Summit):

1) What are you working on now—the change you are feeling the most urgency around making in the world through your organizing?

There are so many issues to be addressed, and it is impossible to solve them all on my own; this is why creating a safe environment for BIPOC, Women, and LGBTQIA+ youth to actively participate in this movement makes all the difference. I am currently working on a few different projects including ensuring youth turnout to the polls in their local elections by registering our youth to vote this year, uplifting our youths mental health stability, and helping young progressive candidates use their activism to win and make policy change.

2) If you could give a new organizer one piece of guidance, what would it be?

Learn from everyone, work with everyone, but think for yourself. It is important that you don’t blindly advocate for things you don’t believe in just because people tell you to do so. If you don’t think for yourself, you won’t have an authentic movement, and you won’t get anything done that way. You can make the biggest impact by organizing through your life experiences because you are experienced enough.

3) When times are tough, what is your go-to for getting “back on the bike?”

I am a figure skater, so when times are tough I think about these words, “In life like on ice, when I fall I get back up.” In addition, I am moved by music, and I think about all the people who I am doing this for. Being apart of a movement is bigger than serving for myself!

4) What’s your favorite Wild moment?

Through Wild I have met some incredible people who know so much more than I do, and I am able to learn so much and pass it on. My favorite Wild moment wasn’t just in the summit, it is the connections I’ve made when advocating for right to counsel with people who are more passionate and inspire me everyday.

5) What’s a fun fact about you?

A fun fact about me is that I am an independent learner. I taught myself how to solve a Rubik’s cube under 30 seconds. I also REALLY love Spanish and ASL. I am not fluent in either, but I actively work to perfect my skills and continue to communicate as much as I can in these beautiful languages.