This week’s organizer spotlight features Markasa Tucker, Director of The African-American Roundtable (AART) and Co-Founder of LiberateMKE:

1) What have you learned from organizing “fails?”

Taking advice that was not culturally sound and actually leaning into and applying it to a campaign. It caused my organizer to walk away. I learned I need to trust myself and my own and my people’s experiences and apply that to my work. I may not know it all, but what I do know is no one knows my experience, my need or the impact of it all and that is what should always be the foundation I work from.

2) What sustains you? Where do you get the energy to keep going with the work?

Credit: MKE Lifestyle

My faith in God sustains me! I know that God created me for a purpose and on purpose and I must live that out. I went to school to be a sports reporter. That is what I thought I wanted, but God had a greater plan that included grassroots organizing, leadership development, and fundraising. I’m in awe by the opportunity of being chosen! Self-love and communal love also sustains me and my work. Taking breaks, mental health days, creating much needed boundaries, and practicing joy daily creates a much healthier environment for me and those around me to thrive in.

3) What’s motivating you with this upcoming election?

Local work. Partners like Metcalfe Park Community Bridges, who continue to do the door-to-door groundwork engaging voters. It motivates me to keep going by any means necessary to get the word out to the people about the opportunity we have in this moment to get the things we want and need!