This week’s organizer spotlight features Tony Brown, an Indigenous voting advocate with the Menīkānaehkem-Menominee Rebuilders:

1) What did you learn from the challenges of being an organizer in 2020?

Organizing can be done online doing it for all people. Clean water is essential for life. Working through the road blocks was tiring at first until I realized the other side was having the same issue.

2) What sustains you? Where do you get the energy to keep going with the work?

Sustainability for me is fed by my love of my tribe and my people. The thing about sustainability is to allow for self care and reaching out to allies in the struggle.

3) What is your vision for community organizing post-election?

My plan for the future is to continue to repeat “WATER IS LIFE “ as my mantra for All my Relations I stand as a human being fighting for space to sustain being human.

Learn more about Tony and the Menīkānaehkem-Menominee Rebuilders in this video: