Wild Fam,

We’re still feeling the fire after returning from Detroit, MI where we held Wild’s first Youth Empowerment Project Winter Summit with 70 emerging leaders from 16 states centering organizing at the heart of it.

Participants recruited in teams developed organizing campaigns back home impacting youth including: access to affordable housing, transportation and food security, workforce development, uniform policy, and criminal justice reform to name a few.

We are now half-way through our pilot year-long journey of co-creating this transformative space for young leaders ages (14-30) who are planning to put it into practice through their local organizing campaigns this spring semester.

If any of this is moving you and you’re asking how you or some youth that you are in relationship with might want to be involved—we are planning on keeping a good thing going! This March we will be opening up the recruitment for next year’s cohort that we plan on starting with an in-person training in July 2023.

To explore this further with our recruitment team, reach out to us directly.